JH Solo and Ensemble Participants 2014-15

Solo and Ensemble Festival

  • Description:

    This festival is held in December for Middle School and February for High School. Those students in High School that receive a 1 (superior rating) may go to State at the end of March. The students can participate in up to 3 events that (1 solo and 2 ensembles or 2 solos if they play 2 different instruments, such as piano and flute). The performances will be played in front of an expert who will provide comments to help the student. The judge will then give them a rating. 1=Superior, 2=Good, 3=Average etc. Students receive a 1 or 2 receive a medal.

    High School students who go to State festival may have to perform scales and sight reading. This information can be found below.

    What to wear:

    Dress professionally. In other words, nice slacks and a nice shirt (guys with tie). Girls could wear a somewhat conservative dress. Make sure the clothes are comfortable but dressy.

    Before you leave home:

    It is required that your judges score is both original (you must have the original, not copy, to give the judge) and every measure must be numbered. Make sure you have a good reed and a spare. Make sure that you packed everything.

    When to arrive:

    Try to arrive at least one hour before your event. This will account for anything that might come up that day. You should find your warm up and performance room. There will be people there to help you find what you need, don't be afraid to ask.