• The Responsible Thinking Classroom (RTC) is up and running for both the Middle/High School under the supervision of Ryan Sklener and at the Elementary School under the supervision of  Dave Haworth.
    This discipline program developed by Ed Ford supports our school-wide rule that "Teachers have a right to teach and students have a right to learn in a safe environment."  When a student's behavior interferes with teaching or learning, the student is asked a sequence of questions through the Responsible Thinking Process (RTP).  These question are:
    1. What are you doing?
    2. What are you suppose to be doing?
    3. What will happen next time?
    The student then makes the choice to follow the rules and remain in the classroom or to go to RTC.  If they choose RTC, Mr. Sklener or Mr. Haworth is available to assist students in creating a behavior plan which will enable him/her to rejoin the class.  Prior to rejoining the class, the student must conference and negotiate the plan with the staff member who referred him/her to RTC.  The program is based on helping students to learn to think responsibly.  Staff is reporting great success with the process to date.