• Mission Statement

    To educate each student to achieve personal excellence.

    Vision Statement

    All students will have the opportunity to achieve academic excellence, personal success, and become productive members of their community. 

    Belief Statements

    • We believe our priority is to provide positive educational experiences for all students.
    • We believe education is a shared responsibility between students, families, staff, and community.
    • We believe technology is a vital tool to foster 21st century skills.
    • We believe in facilitating lifelong learning to create responsible citizens.
    • We believe all individuals have the ability to achieve personal success.
    • We believe well maintained facilities are a priority.
    • We believe students can grow through a varity of extra-curricular activities.
    • We believe a safe and positive environment is essential.
    • We believe every individual at Breckenridge Community Schools is important and has a purpose.
    • We believe that the education of the staff and the implementation of progressive teaching methods are essential to developing 21st century learners.
    Approved by Breckenridge Community Schools Board of Education on 01/18/16.

    This is the beginning of a new strategic plan that will guide the district through the next 5 years.  We have goals set in the following 5 areas:
    • Academics/Programs
    • Learning Environment/Culture
    • Personal/Leadership
    • Communication/Community Engagement
    • Operations

    We welcome stakeholders to participate in activities to support our growth.  If you would like to be part of this endeavor, please contact me at kthompson@breckhuskies.org or 989-842-3182 ext. 1501 and let me know your preference.

    ~Kimberly F. Thompson, Superintendent