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    Bruce Hillman, Transportation Supervisor
    Transportation Code of Conduct
    The purpose of the transportation system of the Breckenridge Community School is to provide safe reliable transportation of school age children to and from school on a regular, consistent basis.  Any factors which might potentially jeopardize the safety of the students being transported should be minimized as much as is reasonable and practical.  Riding busses is a privilege and not a right.  Students may be denied the privilege of riding the bus for just cause and students and parents should understand that the responsibility for seeing that students are at school rest with the parents, regardless of whether or not the student may ride the bus.
    It is the responsibility of the driver to drive the bus in a safe manner; to be on time each day; to pick up and discharge students at designated stops only; to maintain proper discipline and to obey all traffic laws and regulations.
    The transportation policies and practices of the Breckenridge Community Schools shall be consistent with and governed by the rules and regulations set by the State of Michigan Department of Education.
    1. All students will take a seat upon entering the bus and will remain in their seat until departure from the bus.
    2. Normal conversation is expected while on the school bus.  This does not include shouting, whistling, name-calling or the use of foul language.  The student's conversation should be similar to what he/she would use in the classroom or when speaking in any public place.
    3. The consumption of food or beverage is not to be permitted while riding the school bus to and from school.
    4. Smoking or the lighting of matches is not permitted while on the school bus or while on school grounds.
    5. In the afternoon, students are to board the busses only at the school or loading point they attend unless previous arrangements have been made.  Likewise, students may be discharged only at the regular unloading stop unless they have specific written permission from their parents and authorization by the school Principal and Transportation Supervisor.
    6. Students wishing to board another bus (other than their own) must have a written bus pass from the office in their building.
    7. The bus driver may assign definite seats for students to occupy in certain situations.  If this is done, the student is not to change his seat without permission of the driver.  There will be no reserving of seats and it should be understood that it may be necessary for students to be seated 3 per seat.
    8. Students are not to throw paper, litter of any sort, or other items while on the bus.  A receptacle is provided at the front of the bus.
    9. Always cross in front of the bus and never behind the bus.  Make sure you look for possible moving traffic even though the bus has on its flashing lights.
    10. Any student disfiguring or mutilating any part of a bus will be required to pay for the damages and will be properly disciplined for such action.
    11. The driver will establish a regular time schedule for each stop and will attempt to maintain that schedule.  Students will be expected to be ready to board the bus upon its arrival.  Drivers are instructed not to wait for students as this disrupts the entire bus route.
    12. The rear emergency exit of the bus is not to be used for boarding or leaving the bus at any time except in cases of actual life threatening emergencies.
    13. Only small parcels may be transported on the bus and should be kept in possession of the student in his or her seat.  Band instruments must be kept out of the aisles in the interest of safety.  No animals are to be transported on the bus at any time.
    14. Students are to sit properly.  Head, arms, and legs must remain inside windows and knees and feet must remain off the back of the seat.  Aisles must remain clear.
    15. Orderly conduct is expected of all students.  Wrestling, fighting or physical abuse of other students is completely unacceptable at all times.
    • 1st Offense:  A student identified as having violated a bus rule will be issued a misconduct report upon leaving the bus by the bus driver on the following trip.  The report lists the students name, date, and trip of the violation and describes the offense.  The student will be required to present the report to the driver with a parent or guardian signature before he/she will be allowed to board the bus on his/her next trip.
    • 2nd Offense:  A second rule violation by a bus rider will result in the same procedure described above.  In addition, the bus driver will contact the parent or guardian of the student to describe the problem and attempt to work out a cooperative solution and improved behavior on the part of the student.
    • 3rd Offense:  The third offense will result in a misconduct report being prepared, presented to the student as described above, and also presented to the Transportation Supervisor for appropriate action which normally will include 1 to 3 day suspension of bus riding privileges.

    Violations beyond the third offense will result in conduct reports being issued with copies given to the Transportation Supervisor for additional action.

    In cases where rule violations are of a serious nature, a conduct report will be prepared which may result in immediate suspension from riding the bus.  Examples of such offenses are fighting, throwing potentially dangerous objects. lighting matches or acts which seriously jeopardize the safety of the bus driver or other students or the safe operation of the bus.
    Action taken may include suspensions from riding the bus up to and including revocation of bus riding privileges for the remainder of the school year.