Breckenridge Virtual Program
 700 Wright St.
Breckenridge, MI  48615
Phone:  (989) 842-3182  Ext: 4
Fax:      (989) 842-5761
Sheila Pilmore, Principal (Ext: 400)
Barb Giles, Counselor (Ext: 423)

Breckenridge Virtual School is a free service that we here at Breckenridge provide for students who do not for one reason or another want to attend regular school. Our teachers use Florida Virtual Curriculum through Moodle to deliver the content for each class that we offer. Our teachers are highly qualified and are readily available to students if a need arises. Upon acceptance into the program, students are given a Chromebook to use at home for a small fee of $25 which covers the computer if it is accidentally damaged. It is the parents responsibility to have internet access for their student. If you would like more information, please contact Sunday Ostrander, the Mentor Teacher, @ 989-842-3182 ext. 425.