Band Mission Statement

The mission of the Breckenridge Public School music program is to advance the goals of the District by providing a comprehensive, sequential, standards-based music program that enhances the understanding of music through performance, creativity and analysis. In pursuit of that goal, the staff of the Breckenridge Music Department is dedicated to creating a vibrant and diverse learning environment that encourages students to experience music as it relates to themselves, their communities and other cultures.

  • The Breckenridge Music Department believes that the public school is the best way to create a nation of life-long musical learners and that every student deserves to have their musical experiences enhanced by diverse course offerings that are available to all students. This includes courses in technology, music history, music analysis, instrumental techniques courses, as well as traditional and non-traditional performance ensembles.


  • The Breckenridge Music Department will endeavor to create a sequential music program by adhering to the Grade Level Content Expectations developed by the State of Michigan


  • The Breckenridge Music Department is committed to designing a curriculum that adheres to both State and National Standards in all courses.


  • The Breckenridge Music Department believes that music (and the other arts) is an inimitable and vital way to understand and ruminate on the nature of humanity. Music is a basic form of cognition and communication necessary for the advancement of society.


  • In order to create a diverse musical learning experience, the Breckenridge Music Department will employ a wide range of materials from various cultures and endeavor to give students hands on experience by employing clinicians, guest conductors, and practitioners of world music.