Points of Pride

Huskie Pups Learning Center

Breckenridge Community Schools offers PK opportunities for students 2.5 through Kindergarten.

One-to-One District

Breckenridge Community Schools is proud to offer all students their own personal device. K - 1st grade students use ipads, while 2nd - 12th grades are provided chromebooks.

Highly-Qualified Staff

Breckenridge Community Schools provides a highly qualified staff that are willing to work collaboratively with parents and students to help students reach their greatest potential.

Community Atmosphere-Programs

Breckenridge is a small, rural community in Central Michigan. We know our students by name, while still offer many programs in athletics, drama, arts, music, and FFA like many larger districts.


Huskie head

Mrs. Willman's favorite part about being a Huskie is being a part of this great community!

- Mrs. Becky Willman, MS/HS Science Teacher


Blue's favorite part of the job is getting pets and treats from all his friends. He also loves dressing up for theme days!

- Blue, Therapy Dog


Mrs. Rodriguez enjoys working with her students and creating excitement for their learning!

- Mrs. Carmen Rodriguez, BES Teacher

Mr. Mike Ricco

Mr Ricco enjoys playing golf, watching sports, cheering on the Fighting Irish, spending the summers up north and playing video games.

- Mr. Mike Ricco, HS Social Studies, Coach (football, softball, quiz bowl)


Miss Mayle loves the close-knit family feel of this community. In her free time, she is a member of the Central Michigan Mayhem roller derby team.

- Miss Erin Mayle, HS Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Marr

Mrs. Marr's favorite part of her job is the look on a student's face when they realize how a concept in class applies to their everyday life.

- Mrs. Malena Marr MS/HS Math and Science Teacher

Mrs. Franklin

Mrs. Franklin's favorite thing about teaching preschool is introducing young students to new experiences.

- Mrs. Pam Franklin, GSRP teacher

Mr. Bruce Hillman

Mr. Hillman enjoys the opportunity to interact with staff and students on a daily basis. "Working together we are stronger."

- Mr. Bruce Hillman, Transportation Supervisor

Mrs. Graham

Mrs. Graham's favorite part of teaching is when students take a risk and try something new or difficult, and they learn they can do it! Getting hugs and sweet notes from students is pretty great, too!

- Mrs. Michelle Graham, BES Teacher

Mr. Dana Molands

Mr. Molands enjoys the privilege of making music with such wonderful students.

- Mr. Dana Molands, Band Director

Mrs. Emily Krenz

Mrs. Krenz enjoys getting to know her students each year. Every year is a new adventure with new learning to endure for both her and the students. Students make the adventure super exciting and new each year

- Mrs. Emily Krenz, BES Teacher

Mr. Lucas Slater

Mr. Slater's favorite part of his job is helping students reach their fitness and sport goals.

- Mr. Lucas Slater, MS/HS Health and PE teacher and football coach

Ms. Charla Nira

Mrs. Nira's favorite part of the job is working with students individually and in small groups.

- Mrs. Charla Nira, BES Title Paraprofessional