Dear Students, Parents/ Guardians, and Community Members, 

Welcome Back to School Huskies!  School starts on Monday August 30, 2021. We are really excited to have students back in the building and to continue to grow our Pack!  

Although we have lost ⅓ of our building size, we actually added one classroom teacher, Mr. Buchanan in Kindergarten. Also, we will be adding music back to the elementary school with Mr. Molands who teaches at the middle and high school.  In other specials news, art with Mrs. Frye will be in the cafeteria and Mr. Baldwin will still be rocking with PE in the gymnasium. 

I wanted to pass along very important information regarding the beginning of the school year and to keep everyone safe while we are “Learning Under Construction”.

Our construction project is supposed to start the first week of September.  With this in mind our parking lot to the west of the school will be for buses and for construction traffic. Parents and visitors during the school day please park outside the office entrance and check in with Mrs. Bartlett or Ms. Esquivel.  During pick-up and drop off times if parents or visitors need to be  in the building please sign in at the office.

The east parking lot has 42 parking spaces, please leave these spaces for teachers and staff members to park. The drop off and pick up lines start at the service drive entrance on McClelland Road and curve around by the sidewalk to the east of the school to drop off or pick up students, then exit the parking lot onto Summit Street.  (See Image Below) If a student arrives after 7:50 please drop them off at the the office entrance door to be buzzed in by staff.

The doors to school will open at 7:30am with instruction beginning at 7:50am.  When students enter the school the cafeteria will be serving a free breakfast to all students who want it. If students finish eating or do not want breakfast they will be walking the main hallway.

School breakfasts and lunches will be free again this year.  Even though they are free please fill out the Free and Reduced Lunch Application that was sent home with the class assignment packet. 

Please look for our school newsletters and updates from our office.  If you have any questions please reach out to your child's teacher or the office: (989)842-3182 Ext. 2

Have a great year Huskies!  

Mr. Andy Fillwock 

Breckenridge Elementary Principal 

Drop Off and Pick Up Line-

Drop Off and Pick Up Line

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