About our Elementary School

Breckenridge Elementary is a High Touch/High Tech School

Breckenridge Elementary offers excellent educational opportunities for children in pre-school through fifth grade.  Students benefit from a school that nurtures and knows each student on a personal level.

We have 2 licensed Great Start Readiness Pre-School classrooms that offer full day instruction for four year old children.  This program is grant funded and typically is offered at no charge to families.  Some families may incur a small amount of tuition based on a sliding scale.  This program is licensed with the State of Michigan.

In addition, we partner with the Breckenridge Co-Op Nursery School.  They are housed within our building and provide services on a flexible schedule for children 2 ½ to 5 years of age.  This program is licensed with the State of Michigan.

Children in Kindergarten through Fifth grade receive instruction from Highly Qualified Teachers.  We use the College and Career Readiness Standards based on the Common Core.  All of our teachers are certified teachers and the majority of them have advanced degrees.  We have low teacher turnover.

For the past decade, we have been leading our local area schools with the highest State Test Scores in most subjects.   

In addition to the state standards in the core instructional areas.  We offer Art, Music and Physical Education.

We are the only district in the Mid Michigan Area to be a one-to-one Technology District.  Each student in 2nd-12th grade has their own Chromebook to foster learning the 21st Century Skills.

Students in Kindergarten and First grade utilize mini labs of Ipads to enhance their instruction.

Character Education is embedded in our daily activities.  Learning is celebrated daily in the classrooms.  Each week students display their work on the “Wall of Wonderful Work”.

Our discipline policy and procedures promote student responsibility and problem solving.  We use the Responsible Thinking Classroom model.

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Breckenridge Elementary School

515 Summit St.
Breckenridge, MI  48615

 Phone:  (989) 842-3182
Fax:      (989) 842-5655

 Office Staff         

Andy Fillwock, Principal (Ext: 2200)

 Joslyn Esquivel, Secretary (Ext: 2202)

 Jill Crofoot, Secretary (Ext: 2201)